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The Art of Smoked Salmon

We use only the finest salmon from Bakkafrost Scotland for our Smoked Scottish Salmon. Each fillet is hand-cured, gently smoked and packaged in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis to maintain unrivalled freshness.

The Art Of Smoked Salmon 2

Our Product Range

Our Artisan Smokers hand cure only the finest and freshest Scottish Salmon with Sea Salt and Demerara Sugar. We then gently smoke with Scottish whisky cask chippings, infusing our salmon “sides” with a rich flavour evocative of these windswept islands. The result is a culinary masterpiece, virtuous on the palette and stimulating to the senses. Our Harris & Lewis Smoked Scottish Salmon is available in the following package sizes; 100g, 200g and 900g. 

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From beautiful beaches, scenic walks, fantastic wildlife and historical sites to hidden gems and handcrafted products, there’s so much to see, do, taste and explore on the Isles of Harris and Lewis.