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Smokehouse, Stornoway & farther afield

The Harris & Lewis Smokehouse can be found in the town of Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis, in an area known as the Outer Hebrides. With a population of around 8,000 people, Stornoway is by far the largest town in the Hebrides – and the second largest island town in Scotland.

Since they first settled on the island, the locals have produced their own food, a tradition that remains to this day. From the famous Stornoway Black Pudding, which is now safeguarded by the Protected Geographic Indication, to the abundance of seafood that can be found in the deep, clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the traditional crofting way of life on the islands has resulted in some unique, highly sought-after food items.

The Outer Hebrides have actually become well-known around the world for their vast array of fresh seafood that is caught off the islands’ shores, with salmon being one of the most highly prized offerings. Try some of our Harris & Lewis Smoked Salmon, which is smoked right here on the island, and you’ll quickly see why.

To find out more about our Harris & Lewis Smoked Scottish Salmon, and our Smokehouse, click here.

When you’re not enjoying all of the mouthwatering dishes on offer at the Smokehouse, why not explore the rest of the island to see what other treasures can be found?