Smoked Scottish Salmon Blini

01 Dec 2019 - Harris & Lewis Smokehouse

Smoked Scottish salmon on blinis with soured cream is the perfect partner for a glass of cold champagne. Pomegranate seeds are like little ruby jewels and make these canapés that little bit more indulgent. They're perfect for parties or festive events.

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Potted Trio of Scottish Salmon

25 Oct 2019 - Harris & Lewis Smokehouse

A make-ahead starter is essential for easy entertaining. This Potted Trio of Scottish Salmon uses a lovely mix of poached, cold smoked and hot smoked Scottish salmon and is delicious with some crusty bread or oatcakes.

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Eggs Royale with Scottish Smoked Salmon

09 Oct 2019 - Harris & Leiws Smokehouse

Eggs and Hollandaise sauce is a brunch classic so why not add a twist and rustle up Eggs Royale with smoked Scottish salmon tomorrow morning.  Delicious and nutritious Scottish salmon is the perfect way to start your day!

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Scottish Salmon Super Food Salad

17 Sep 2019 - Harris & Lewis Smokehouse

This Salmon Superfood Salad is here to solve all your lunchtime problems. It’s healthy, easy to make and offers plenty of room for variety.

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Salmon Scotch Egg

11 Jul 2019 - Harris & Lewis Smokehouse

A unique recipe to create a household favourite from quality Native Hebridean produce.

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